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Music - the escape we all take when the mind and body are infuriated because of daily chores. The bridge that leads us to harmony.
Music helps us find our deeper emotions and acknowledge them. It has influenced our lives in such a way that we just cannot imagine our life without it.
Every year, many musicians try their luck in this vast field but only some get successful in striking a chord with the audience. Today, we have compiled works of 5 independent musicians who have paved a way for themselves into audiences' heart with the help of their soul pleasing tunes.
These guys have recreated or say gave a twist to your favourite hits, check it out:-
Karan Nawani
This immensely talented guy is famous for the renditions he creates on the musical instrument Ukulele . And, his voice, damn!
Here he has recreated Kishore Kumar's popular song "Mere Saamne Waali Khidki Me".
He is also on youtube with the channel name Karan Nawani.
Raghav Chaitanya
This guy has built a house in our hearts with the medleys he creates which instantly get us swooning over him.
Soothing voice, guitar strings, a medley of your favourite hits; well, what else do you need?
Check out one of his most popular video here.
He is also on youtube with the channel name Raghav Chaitanya.
Siddharth Slathia
One of the most famous names when we talk about solo Independent musician.
He is well known in the Bollywood circuit as well and has done many tours and shows.
He creates acoustic covers, flute covers and many such covers of the cult songs.
Here is one of his most viral video that created a moolah for he sang 50 songs on 1 beat, YES!, you heard that right!
He is also on youtube with channel name Siddharth Slathia.
Special Mention: SANAM band
The highest paid band in the Indian Independent music arena, this band of 4 extremely talented and real dapper guys is worth a look for.
These guys started off by creating covers of retro hits and then went on to make original songs as well.
They have done many shows and are immensely popular among masses.
The band consists of 4 members:
Sanam Puri - Lead Singer (who, btw, is also a singer in Hindi films)
Samar Puri - Lead guitarist
Venky S or Venkat Subramaniyam - Bass guitarist
Keshav Dhanraj - Drums
Here is one of their most viral retro cover, Enjoy!
They are also on youtube with channel name SANAM .
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