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Cricket is like a religion in India and fans blindly follow the game. The fan base of cricket has increased after T20 matches and leagues like IPL started because people enjoy watching the T20 format. Indian cricketers have always made the country proud with their performance but in between all these practice sessions and matches, few things happen in the dressing room that very few people know. The only thing we get to see is playing them with full spirit on the field and giving their best.
Let’s check out some of the inside stories of cricketers from the ressing room
#1 When the hard-core fan of Indian cricket, Sunil Chaudhary was invited to the dressing room by Tendulkar
Every cricket fan is well aware of Sunil Chaudhry, not by his name but by his looks. Over the years. He has become the face of fans across the country. His dedication and love for cricket were paid off when he met the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. He was invited by Sachin in the dressing room to click a picture with the team after India won the world cup.
#2 When Dhoni was bullied in the dressing room
The captain cool of India, MS Dhoni was bullied by senior players in the team and they usually called him, ‘Bihari’. Yuvraj used to bully him and ask him to avoid hitting sixes and focus on winning matches. Later, both the players became friends and made India win crucial matches with their amazing partnership in ODIs.
#3 When Kohli was fooled on his first day
The Indian skipper Virat Kohli who has impressed everyone across the world with his performance was trolled on his first in the dressing room. When he entered the dressing room, some of the senior players played a prank on him and asked him to touch the feet of master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar as it is kind of a ritual for every new player. Kohli went ahead to touch the feet and then Sachin laughed and said that senior players are playing a prank on him.
#4 When Ganguly played a prank on Yuvraj
One of the best captains of India, Ganguly was a kind of person who knew how to boost up the moral of players in the dressing room. When Yuvraj made his debut in the team, Ganguly was leading the team and he asked him to open the innings for the team on his debut. Ganguly said to him, ‘Open Karega Na’ and Yuvraj being a debut player followed the instructions and said yes to him. On the next day when he put his pads on, Ganguly came and said that just chill, it was just a prank.
#5 When Kapil Dev asked Dawood to leave the dressing room
The incident happened when Dawood visited the dressing room of India at Sharjah in 1996 and said to players that he would gift them cars if they will defeat Pakistan in the match. This made Kapil Dev angry and he asked Dawood to leave the dressing room immediately.
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