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If you are aware of the book named “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, you know how it works. Still there is a lot of criticism around about the book and its claim towards the “Law of attraction”. Here are these big stars talking about how “The Secret’ might have helped them achieve fame miraculously.
The book doesn’t just work as you might be thinking that just by reading the book anyone can become a star. The law of attraction is always working, you have to be focused about your dreams and keep the thoughts always positive and you will see wonders in your life too. All these listed actors were reading the book “The Secret” and applied this law on their life and they have found what they wanted in life.
Here are the Bollywood actors opening about how the book changed their future:
1. Anushka Sharma
In the show ‘Simi Selects India's Most Desirable’, Anushka said that she was reading the book called "The Secret" while she was auditioning for the film. Further she says "What happened is I used to listen to this thing when the movie starts there is this logo of Yashraj comes so I used to keep watching it again and again. It was like aaaa (sings) so when the film started and that logo played first and I was like wow... it actually happened. Shahrukh Khan introducing Anushka.”
2. Ranveer Singh
The on-screen Alauddin Khilji said, “While I was struggling, my sister, instead of candles, placed photo-shopped images of me on my birthday cake. Like, she had superimposed my face on Shah Rukh Khan’s on the 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' poster. She I think had read the book called The Secret”
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