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What happens when you merge two of your dreams together? It creates magic like never before. Every girl fantasises their wedding to be grand but they also want to put on elements to their wedding which makes it personalized and unique.
Movies and TV shows are a huge part of our lives. We become strangely attached to characters, emotionally invested in plot lines and totally engrossed in story lines. These are some of the most weddings in the history which blended their companionship with their obsession about movie and television shows.
Here are the pictures of movies and TV shows themed weddings:
1. Baahubali
This epic saga is not only known for its action but for its strong sense of love as well. We know how big the sets were of the movie and this wedding matched it up with the grandeur.
2. Bajirao Mastani
It would have been thrilling to be invited in wedding based on the movie Bajirao Mastani. The most beautiful thing was that many of the women were roaming around in Mastani’s attire.
3. Game of Thrones
Over the years Game of Throne has really become part of our DNA and no matter how brutal the show is, we love it and connect to its emotional strength. Therefore, some of the more loyal fans, thought of paying tribute to the show and make it the theme of their wedding.
4. Star Wars
Star Wars was really the movie which started crazy fandom amongst the audiences and it is clear how obsessed people are about the franchise.
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