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Cricket is a game of players, however, if we see things in a different way there is someone on the ground who is keeping an eye on everyone and that person is an umpire. He is the person who is busy throughout the match and is not having even a second to relax even between the overs as they have to check that someone is not indulging into an illegal activity like ball tempering.
They play an important role in the game and so it is quite natural being an umpire that they should be given a decent salary in comparison to cricketers. Recently, BCCI has considered the fare hike for the umpires and no doubt the hike is quite decent.
According to media reports, BCCI has given the umpires 100 percent hike. In past the umpires used to get 20,000 per day, however now it has been raised to 40,000 per day. One of the most shocking things which might surprise you is that; Pakistani umpires get 6,000 per day which is not justified as they are doing the same job. This is certainly a sad affair as Pakistan Cricket Association (PCB) is not increasing the salary for umpires.
We hope that PCB will take some steps to increase the salary of umpires after considering the salary of umpires of other countries across the world.
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