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Roommates are the ones who know you the way no one else knows. They are the ones with whom you’ve been through all the good and bad times. At some point of time we all have had a roommate, be it a stranger or a known person. In spite of all the hardships, they make your life more easy and tolerable.
Being with them becomes a habit when you start living each and every precious moment of your life for a certain period with them. You have to admit that you always have that hidden fear of what your life would be without them. When you spend so much time with a person you cannot help but miss them every time you do a thing that you used to do with them.
Today as you read this, I am sure that you will be all filled with memories of your ex- roommate!
Here are some things that will make you miss your ex-roommate:
1. Late night talks
The late night sessions that you used to have with your roommate made your bond stronger and helped in developing a sense of understanding for each other. This is the time when you discussed all your fears and secrets.
2. Wardrobe thieving
We all know that how helpful are your roommate’s wardrobe and her styling you. You miss her when you have to get ready all yourself.
3. Wake up alarm
You don’t take the pains to snooze off the alarm when you know your roommate will ultimately wake you up, kicking your ass.
4. Movie time
Watching the movies together was your favorite thing when you knew you had same interests.
5. Love and care
Your roommate becomes your long lost soul mate. You start caring for each other just the way your parents do.
6. Separation
A single thought of living far away from each other breaks you down.
7. Cooking and eating together
The joy of cooking and eating with your roommate can only be understood by those who have had a roommate.
8. Gossip partner
You know whom to approach when you get new gossip about that bitch you both hate! It becomes unbearable to contain the information just within yourself.
9. Secret keeper
Your secrets are best kept by your roommate. From a minute detail to the deep dark secrets, you’ve shared everything!
10. Advisor
Your roommate knows you so well that they know what is good for you and what is not! They scold you for your mistakes and appreciate you for your achievements and are always ready with a piece of advice whenever you need.
When you get a roommate, you get a friend for life for yourself! Treasure them! Call them right away and tell then how much they mean to you.
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