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Have you met or know any person who goes to movie theaters alone? Yeah, they go alone because they hate when his/her friend can’t stop talking while watching movies. He/she wants to watch a movie in peace but to hell with that, which human wants to give peace to another human?
The annoying habits are already quite indecent because it is troubling other’s peace of mind. They simply do not care about rest of the people co-existing with him/her on Earth. These annoying people are creeps you might want to murder in the movie theaters while watching movies.
Here are the people which you want to avoid in movie theatres:
1. Talkative monsters
People just don’t feel satisfied, even if they keep on speaking 24*7.
2. Cell phone addicts
They are either texting the whole time or on Facebook, Twitter, something they are doing constantly on. If you ask them politely, they will reply with a famous dialogue “Tere baap ka kya jaa raha hai?”
3. The aunty who feel wondered in everything they see
I recently went to watch ‘Veere Di Wedding’ and in one a aunty-gang was sitting, in the entire movie the amount of time I have heard “Hawww” and “Wow” is simply marvelous. Apart from these two words, they were constantly discussing about the movie, during the movie and criticizing about it in lengths. What I found funny is, they were behaving with same double standards that the movie was trying to portray and they didn’t even realize that.
4. The couple
If you are in the deception that they came here to enjoy a good movie, NO, you are wrong. Absolutely wrong. They don’t have place to do their romance because “Aunty dekh legi”, “Mummy dekh legi”, “Duniya dekh legi”, “Aliens dekh lenge” but apparently, in movie theaters no one can watch them.
5. The slurper
Imagine a super sensitive scene going on when everyone is quiet and crying, in between all these emotion you hear “slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” and everyone turns their head towards the slurper.
6. The predictor
From the beginning they will start predicting every scene and how it is relevant later in the film or how will they behave. You will constantly hear these lines from them “Dekhna ye ladka end mein khooni niklega”, “Ye abhi thappar maregi”, “Abhi ek gaana chalu ho jayega”.
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