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Currently, in India sex is one of the biggest taboo but contrary to that, internationally, India is known as the land of Kamasutra. Can you imagine how we moved backwards so much when we were already developed? More we are going ahead in life, our understanding of sex is getting more and more regressive.
If you are wondering how did we get here? It is because of patriarchy. Patriarchy ruined it all. In ancient India, sex was all about freedom, sensuality, open relationships, sculptures and erotic texts. It was simply a way of life and there was nothing taboo about it. Nowadays we hear more of sexual violence against women but anything close to sexual liberation.
Enlighten your sex knowledge about India and see how it was before:
1. Husband and wife, both were bound to pleasure each other sexually
Ancient Indians understood the fact that we are indeed sexual beings and our body demands pleasure. They followed the book of pleasure, Kama Sutra passionately and pleased each other with no inhibitions attached.
2. Ghat Kanchuki: A sex game practiced in ancient India
What do you think of your ancestors now? Feeling proud? Well, yes, ‘Ghat Kanchuki’ was a sex game which involved a group of people from all walks of life getting together to have sex. The game started with women removing their clothes and placing them in a pot. Next the men would choose any of the clothing from the pot and then whoever the clothes belong to, he would have sex with the women. Also, the game continued till the time everyone had enjoyed having sex with each other.
3. Nudity was not a disgrace, it was comfort
From the very beginning, India was a hot place and therefore, people often used to remove their clothes. This was not seen as anything disgraceful or obscene.
4. Kama Sutra was considered a sacred book
It was regarded to be a sacred text as it helped people in fulfilling their life. It is not just some book filled with sexual positions, it is highly philosophical. It talks about sex as a spiritual experience and how it helps in mediating.
5. Polygamy
Polygamy was practiced widely in our culture and it was celebrated. Though the majority of population chose monogamous marriages, polygamy was not seen as a disgrace but just a resource towards freedom to live a lavish and hedonistic lifestyle.
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