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Living in a middle class family in India is like a melodramatic story of a Bollywood film where you get to see fights and arguments but at the end things are sorted out with a smile. Though it’s not that easy to live in a middle class family because all you get from your parents at the end of the day is scolding for even a small thing you have done.
However, if you look on the positive side of the story, there are few things that we get to learn in a middle-class family. So today we will share with you things that we get to learn in a middle class family in India.
Let’s check out the list
Arey pheko mat masala rakhne k kaam aa jayega
#2 Buying plus size clothes
Bada lelo kaafi din chal jayega
#3 Never waste food
Poora khatm karo phir hi uthna nahi to chappal padegi
#4 Save important things for occasions
Isse mat use karo rishtedar ayenge tab k liye hai ye
#5 Environment-friendly
Ye light tumhare papa aa kar band karnege?
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Author - Amit Singh
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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