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Be it any time of the day, a chai lover cans ask for a Chai and you cannot question that person because you cannot understand the feeling of a Chai lover. Every chai lover goes through a period of time in a day when all he/she wants is a cup of tea. And no doubt that cup of tea can solve any problem from office related work to household work because all you need is that one dose of chai.
These are kind of people who can once think about living without water, but when it comes to Chai, the only answer we get is, ‘Chai Zindagi Hai’. So to tell you the exact story of every chai lover in India, we will share some of the hilarious tweets that every chai lover can relate to it.
So let’s check out how life is like of a chai lover in a series of hilarious tweets.
#1 Yes, you are right its chai instead of water.
#2 The kind of proposal every Chai lover dreams
#3 Marry that person who is deeply in love with Chai
#4 Never ever ask this to a Chai lover
#5 Have you been through this situation?
#6 It hurts a lot
#7 When you don't get a chai.
#8 This is what a Chai lover feels when someone says that Coffee is better.
#9 And at the last, the trending dialogue
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