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Kerala is known for a lot of things like it is said to be God’s own land, for its high rate of literacy, land of spices and its natural beauty. All these titles are given for a reason because they are absolutely true. The glimpses of Kerala captured in these pictures might give you a hint:
Alleppey backwaters
For a person who has just heard of a state in South India which is culturally rich is already quite fascinating. So, for the first time, if you are visiting this serene state, in that case, any state of South India, you will be amazed the difference in people’s behavior. Though it is not be claimed that the entire South Indian states are the same, but one common thread in all these places is the humility. You will always see that South Indians of all walks of life are extremely humble.
The mangrove forest, the sangam of Neyyar river and Arabian sea.
The state has many titles and amongst those is “God’s own land”, the name is quite the reality because three religions: Hindu, Christianity and Muslims live there in peace.
Munnar, Kerala.
Another fascinating facet is that, when we talk about when you see Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu movies, the “Masala” or “Commercial” films are quite exaggerated but nowhere, in reality, can you see these characters behaving like that.
Kovalam, Black sand beach, Kerala
Yes, the language might be a barrier if you cannot speak Malayalam, Tamil or English. Even if you speak English, it can be a barrier. Although the fun thing is that they accept these flaws, whenever you try to communicate and you and them both fumble on words and try hard to make each other understand, they laugh it off. It is hilarious some of the times when you will say something they say and vice versa.
Backwaters of Alleppey
Oh! The food. Kerala can offer you delicacies which can make you feel “Oh, I am really in the land of spices”. They are known as the “Land of Spice” and they know how to use these spices well. Whether it is Banana chips, Chicken pepper fry or Beef fries or Malabari biriyani, it is a treat for your tongue and tummy. If you are a food lover and live life for tasting food, this is a strongly recommended place.
Backwaters of Alleppey and the beaches, what a tremendous mix of nature the state offers! You will find mountains, sea, backwaters, all in the same state. Isn’t that a treat?
When the houseboats take you on a ride in the backwaters and you can see the villages on the side, it is a pleasure. This is Venice of India with a much humble scenaries where you will see colorful houses on the side, where every house has a boat parked outside instead of cars and greenery all around.
Alleppey, Graphiti art
Kerala is a treat to the eyes and the soul. Once in a lifetime one must go to this serene state and see the beauty of nature and people.
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