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You all must have experienced the difference in the behaviour of your siblings, in front of you and others outside. Siblings are a blessing and at the same time pain in the ass. There is no limit to the love and happiness that we share together. Hurt my sibling and that will be your last day on planet. Besides all the love and care lies the understanding that makes us the powerful team.
All this is not just limited to us, the normal people but also the celebrities! Let me show what I mean-
This picture posted by Deepika Padukone, was sent to her by her younger sibling Anisha Padukone. This picture sums up the behaviour of my sibling. What about yours?
Come let’s see what other facial expressions we all experience.
1. My sister, in front of me vs. other people
2. My sister at home vs. in front of her ‘Rishtawalas’
3. My brother ending me a selfie vs. sending to his crush.
4. My sister treating me in house vs. outside
5. My sister in front of me vs. her ex- boyfriend
6. My brother when I get scolded vs. when mom looks him making faces
7. my sister when parents are at home vs. when they are not
So, these were some expressions that our siblings manage to excel in. The list goes on and on just like the memories we make with them.
Do you too have such an expressive sibling?
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