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The best way enjoy a Hollywood movie is to watch both Hindi and English versions. There are few Hollywood movies in which the dubbing is hilarious and you might enjoy the movie more in comparison to English version If you love watching Hollywood movies, then you know how drastically the title of the English movie is changed. However, this story is for fans who haven’t seen the Hindi titles of famous Hollywood movies.
Let’s check out the hilarious posters
#1 This is how they became Samundar k Looterey
#2 When up in Hindi is Udan chu
#3 When Captain America became Kaptaan
#4 Mahakaal is here..
#5 Yes, you can say that the movie was a Chakravyu
#6 When Smith is Sharma in India
#7 Think twice before watching Dar ki Dukaan
#8 And yes they are the boss.
#9 How can you give such a title, ' Angaarey Bane Shoey'?
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