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The story of every office employee is like a movie, the daily life revolves around a plot and then there are different twist and turns. Working in a 9 to 5 job has its own perks and issues, however, you have to enjoy and for all such employees, we have something which will lift up your mood. So today we have decided to show you how the name of the Bollywood movies depicts the story of every employee in a corporate job.
Title of movies that describe lthe ife of corporate employees
#1 Ek villain – Boss
The only person who can be apt for this title is none other than the Boss of the office who can screw you when you.
#2 Ex-Employee – Ek the tiger
This title is apt for the ex-employee who has worked hard for the company and still people remember him.
#3 Meeting – Jaal - The Trap
Though every meeting cannot be a Jaal, yes at times few times can be described as Jaal when you have to show your worksheet at the end of the month.
#4 HR cabin - No entry
Though HR is the only person who you should head to when you have any problem in the office, at times you cannot enter because you are not invited most of the time (appraisal can be one case).
#5 Appraisal - Dil Chahta Hai
This one title of the movie tells the story of every employee in office as every employee wants to get an appraisal after completing a year.
#6 Working on the weekend - Hate story
This title is suitable for employees who are asked to work on weekends.
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Author - Amit Singh
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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