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What according to you is luxury?
Big Cars, mansions and money; right?
Everyone will always give this answer only but this man had other plans and that is why he got on a mission to change the meaning of luxury and comfort and he is doing it every single day!
Dan Bilzerian, an American internet sensation and a famous poker player has become a synonym of leisure living. From having petty things like Supercars, mansions, jets (yes, he calls them petty, damn!), he also boasts of owning super machines, islands, high tech ammunition and what not!
When he throws any party it becomes a rage as a legit competition is held to attend his exhilarating parties, whosoever wins that competition gets a chance to swim in the ocean of booze and dance till the last beat, and let me just not come to the part about the supermodels attending his events.
He is very active on Instagram and other platforms where he boasts of his life to make us feel sorry for ours, check the pictures and video:
Coz money talks!
Guns out!
Our trips can never be this cool!
Name the car and he has it.
Now, fasten your seat belts as the weather is going to get disturbed:
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