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When one of your partner is crazily and madly in love with not you, but sleep, this article is dedicated to those couples.
These days couples are quite chill about their relationship but yet there is this facet which annoys both the partners a lot and can create quite a havoc. Some of the time we wonder how is he still alive? How can someone possibly be alive after sleeping 36 hours straight?
When sleep comes between your relationship, these things happen:
1. When your boyfriend’s priority is always sleeping over you!
2. When your girlfriend is super possessive about her sleep time
3. 80% of your fights between you happen because of sleep
If there was no concept of sleeping, there would be no fights between you guys at all. I know!
4. When both of the partners are obsessive lover of sleeping
You hardly talk, your ideal situation of dating is sleeping together. Yeah not sex, literally sleeping and snoring like hell!
5. Most honest partners start lying because of their over-sleeping habit
Graphics Credit: Vikas Kakkar
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