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Yesterday, on the Menstrual Hygiene Day, BJP MP, Meenakshi Lekhi was part of a panel discussion on "Loss Fertility in Females". It was the inauguration of Menstrual Awareness Conclave. During the discussion, she said those who can pay 12 percent Goods and Services Tax (GST) on sanitary pads can actually help those who need them the most.
From the time of GST rate upgrades, many rebuked the 12 percent GST on sanitary pads.
When Lekhi was asked about the same, she said: "So my answers is going to be two-fold . First is by asking what is the objective? If the objective is that the maximum number of women should have access to hygiene than don't ask for waiving off (of GST).
Further she also mentioned "Pay the taxes so that the money can be utilized for the ones who need the most. Women sitting in this hall are the ones who can afford to pay 12 or 18 percent GST."
Lekhi then added "Now the issue is one who cannot pay... what are we doing for them? We are producing low cost organic pads and very good hygienic management. Such kind of initiatives which are decentralized are active all across the country.”
If the Govt. is going to have facilities for women who are in need they need to promote the facility too. Govt. hardly talks about the opportunities needy people can grab apart from their election campaigns but never about the thousand ‘conditions applied’, ofcourse!
According to the spokesperson of BJP, everything is our headache and we should not expect anything out of the govt. It is not like that the low-cost organic pads are super accessible and every woman who cannot pay heavy GST is getting these pads at their nearest stores by showing their Aadhar card! How are they going to access it?
So what is the use? In anyway, sanitary products are a very basic product which every girl has to use, why so much marketing in this? Why can’t they just make it a tax-free product for everyone?
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