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If you are a person who loves to collect and preserve everything that has been given to you or have some sentimental value, you might still have flowers inside your diary right?
You know, there is a better way to do that? Yes.
Flower pressing or pressed flower is a beautiful way to preserve your beautiful blooms and it remains in your collection for many years. You can simple use the technique called pressed flowers and make something creative out of those memories. You can also use this if you want to gift someone something special made by you, this is just perfect. So let’s just begin..
• Picking the right flowers is necessary. If you are planning to gift someone, choose the right flower. Pick the ones which are either still in bud form, or freshly bloomed.
• Next, start the preparation and place them in a ziplock bag and store them in the refrigerator. So when you get it out it ensures the flowers keep their color and freshness.
• To help the flower retain maximum water absorption, hold the stems under water immediately after cutting. Next, recut the stem on 45-degree angle.
• Remove all the leaves that will be below the waterline in the vase. If you leave the grasses under water, it will eventually rot and create bacteria that will shorten the life of the flowers.
• After you put the flowers inside the water, you can to put flower food inside which is a teaspoon of sugar. Hydrate the flowers only for a few hours.
Tip: Naturally flat faced flowers are easy to press.
• To press thick flowers like orchids and roses, you need to split them down the middle with scissors or a knife.
• Lay the flat face of the flower on your paper and you are ready to press.
The pressing method:
1. Cut two pieces of plywood in 9-by-12-inch rectangles.
2. Now place the flowers between the two pieces of paper and make a sandwich like in the order of wood>paper>flower>paper>wood.
3. Make sure that the flowers are properly placed and stacked.
4. If you want to make it perfectly, you can drill the plywoods before and use bolts to tighten everything together.
5. Now, you have to change the blotter sheets every four days to prevent the flowers from browning and in next three to four weeks your pressed flowers will be ready.
When it is ready and you can create beautiful art with it too..
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