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How do you sleep at night? On your back, side or on your belly? Your sleeping position tells a lot about your personality. Sounds interesting, right? So, check out what your sleeping position says about you.
1. Fetal position
This is the most common position of all times. Nearly 41% of the population depict a fetus like structure in their sleep. These people are tough from the outside but soft from inside, shy but warm. If you sleep with your arms stretched out in front of you then you are of an open nature and ready to conquer everything in life.
2. On your back
This position is considered to be the best for prevention of pain. It is also called the soldier position, where the hands are stuck to the sides and body is laid straight. This position depicts the quiet and reserved nature of a person, rigidity of a person and his/her tendency to be bossy.
3. On your belly
This position can cause back and neck pain if a pillow is not used. In this position, people might or might not curl their hands around their pillow. These people tend to be friendly and confident. The personality traits shown are anxiousness and outgoing nature of a person.
4. Log position
In this position sleepers sleep on one side with their arms and legs straight down. These people might put their one hand under the pillow for more comfort. People who sleep with their arms straight out are eager but maybe suspicious and quick to give up. Mostly people who sleep in log position are trustworthy and easy going but inflexible in their thinking.
So, now that you know what the different positions reveal about your personal qualities, let your friends also know about it!
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