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The only place where you spend most of the time is office and with it comes many things like emotional bonding, teamwork and at times stress when it is Monday. Though people refrain from being honest at the workplace, however, today we will show how things would be if people in offices are brutally honest. It might sound bit weird but every single of you can relate to it.
Let’s check what it would be like if people in the office are brutally honest.
When you feel hungry and you cannot express yourself honestly around everyone you come up with such lines.
The only reason an employee feels tired is that he/she wants the day to end as soon as possible.
The only mantra to freshen up mind is to have some pint of beer with office colleagues.
You need to understand the what your HR is saying and what it actually means.
When such lines come up, you should pack your things and get back to work because no one likes to spend so much time in the daily meeting
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