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Do you know there are many states like Assam, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu which celebrates when girls get their first period?
Even after having such a great ceremony, there are myth and rules which revolves around menstruation. Most of the times, when a woman is on her periods, they are considered unhygienic, why?
Since, they are considered to be unhygienic at the time, therefore, no amount of attention is given at all. This is not the way women should be treated, moreover it is dangerous for their health. Thus, this Menstrual Hygiene Day take an oath that you will increase the awareness about menstruation and not treat it as a taboo.
5 steps you should take on breaking the myths about periods:
1. Stop receiving sanitary pads or sanitary products from shops in black polybags or cover it up to hide it.
2. Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS is real and you should not be ashamed. Also, that does not mean that you are completely irrational about that time.
3. Tampons and menstrual cups could affect your virginity. Absolutely absurd because hymen is pretty stretchy so it is possible to be a virgin whose hymen was affected by anything from horse riding, swimming. It is not linked anyway because virgin is 'someone who has not have sex'.
4. Do not stop working or living your life when you are going through your menstrual cycle.
5. Do not take menstrual health lightly and any irregularities or abnormality must be checked by your doctor for your good health.
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