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Indians have always been unique at doing things in real lives. You cannot compare them with any other people across the world because they have their own set of rules. You can say it people are bindaas and they prefer doing things without giving a second thought what other people will think (except wo chaar log). So today we are going to share hilarious things that Indians do.
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Eating tasty is fun, but the best way to eat samosa is eating the corners first.
Don’t know why but you might have also noticed this thing on your birthday wishing you twice.
Before preparing Maggi people usually prefer to taste Maggi masala before mixing it with noodles.
Every single person out there who smokes can relate to this as they generally put their cigarettes behind their back when someone is clicking pictures.
Though Indians love when relatives give them money before leaving, but to show them some sort of decency they ignore at first, however at the end take it.
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