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Distance is no longer a constraint in finding your life partner if you dare to 'login' with the right intent. However, the online world also comes with its own set of problems that might mar the experience for you.
Take precautions by following these safety measure.
1. Via email
Enrolling the email ID is an essential method of contact while making a profile on a matrimonial site. In any case, an email is an essential thing as most critical things are regularly connected with it. We recommend you make another email ID when you make your profile on a matrimonial site.
2. Time and space
The right person would not haste up things and would take appropriate time make moves and talk things up! He/she will give enough personal space to you. If the person doesn’t do so, be cautious as they are not right for you.
3. Inconsistent behaviour
Any inconsistency in the behaviour of a person should be enough for you to get warned. Ask questions from each other to get a better understanding of our views.Also with frequent questions, it will help you to find out that if the person is hiding something or catch lies if any.
4. Warning signs
If there should arise an occurrence of any irregularities with respect to their age, interest, marital status, profession and employment, inability to answer questions are clear cautioning signs.
5. Scam
In case you meet anyone online starts enquiring about your money or property and starts demanding money, cut off all the communication with them immediately.
6. Never reveal your account information
Remember to keep your passwords and ID’s safe. Do not share any private or account information with anyone you just met with. If the person is asking you about your account information, they’re not here for just marriage!
7. Check the site before logging in
To access a trusted service, always type in the correct URL of the trusted service into your browser window. Do not click on unsafe links. This keeps your credentials safe and secure.
8. Do background checks
Do continuous and necessary background check of the person you think is the right one to marry. If the person is reluctant to disclose his workplace or address then be cautious.
9. Safety in public
Make sure that the person you are planning to meet calls you at a decent and safe place. If you don’t feel like going to a particular place then let them know the reason.
10. Never ever give money to anyone
Do not transfer any funds in one’s account. The moment someone asks you for money citing some reason or the other, you should become cautious and it's recommended that you avoid any further calls from them. Also report this to the service.
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