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Kerala flanked by Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea is called as the Malabar area. Apart from its peaceful beauty and the amazing coasts, they are responsible for providing some of the most delicious and flavourful additions to Kerala cuisine. Known as the ‘Land of Spices’, you can only imagine what flavour means to them.
The thing with Malabari food is that, it is so diverse and actually reflects their culture a lot. Since Kerala is a much diverse state which is mixed with different religions with more or less equal ratio of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. Here, Hindus have a largely vegetarian menu with lots of use of coconuts that grow along the coast. Christians are more of a fish and meat eater and the Muslims make delicious breads and sizzling biryanis. How amazing is the diversity?
The best cuisines of Keralian or Malabari cuisines:
1. Aadu Atti Pathal
It’s like your very own Indian Lasagna.
2. Appam
OMG! This is so good, you have to try this. It’s like chapati but a lot more flavoured version.
3. Beef Kurumulakittathu
Yeah another one! Once you eat it, you will know what flavours can do to your any meat.
4. Egg Cutlet
Oh yes! With stuffings ranging from beef, mutton, chicken, this is yum!
5. Kaya Attirachi Curry
It is a Thalassery dish made of Lamb leg and Raw bananas.
6. Kozhi Pacha Vattichathu
Kozhi is a chicken recipe which is prepared using a technique which involves drying up all the liquid (Vattichathu).
7. Kozhi Pidi
Their innovation in food is currently blowing my mind!
8. Malabar Chicken Biriyani
No, this is not your regular biriyani which is just served in the name of chicken biriyani!
9. Malabar Duck Roast
Intentionally saved the best for last and now you know what to expect!
Also, stay tuned and we will keep on posting all the recipes as well.
Happy cooking!
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