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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are seriously couple goals: they are idealistic, grounded and values relationship. Their marriage is no short of any fairy tale and talking about that, their marriage in Tuscany was another OMG moment!
Recently, the cricketer has revealed that his life has changed ever since he met Anushka. We regularly see these two squeezing out time for each other inspite of their mad schedules and go out.
In an interview with ESPN, he said Anushka's presence has helped him calm down mentally. "I have realized a lot of things in the past few years since I've been with my wife. Because she is a very spiritual person and I have sort of drifted on that path as well. Now things are unlocking in a way that is very difficult for me to explain to people. But I understand that I was always meant to do this. If I am meant to do this in every lifetime of mine, I will do it 100 times over. It's a blessing," he said in the interview.
The Indian cricket captain also talked about having kids and starting a family. He said:
"I have a life. I have a family. I will have kids. They deserve all my time. That is something that is very, very clear and close to my heart. I want no part of my career being flashed into my house. I want no part of my trophies, my achievements, nothing in my house when our kids are growing up".
Also his admiration for Anushka is at another level, he says Anushka is the captain off-field in his life:
"She takes all the right decisions in life. She's totally my strength and she keeps me positive all the time, and that's what you want in a life partner so I'm very grateful".
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