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India is a place where you get judged by your parents because of opinions of ‘Chaar Log’. ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ is a phrase which is used by Indian parents at numerous times in daily lives. And the victims are the sweet innocent kids or students who are stuck in such situations like, ‘Arey padhai kar le Sharma ji ke bete ko dekh le IIT crack kar liya’.
So, now we have found out the people who are responsible for such things. They are none other than Sharma ji ka beta or beti and at times ‘Wo Chaar Log’.
So, today we will tell you reasons why you should be Sharma Ji ka beta and wo chaar log.
Because everything is related to Sharma ji ka beta.
And if you are planning to do something big than your parents won’t allow you, because wo chaar log kya kahenge.
In case you are planning to do love marriage then your parents might say that ‘Wo chaar log kya kahenge’.
When you score low in exams, the only things you get to hear from parents is that 'Sharma ji ke bete ko dekha hai top kiya hai poore school mei'.
When you think of pursuing your passion, Chup chap engineering karo, ‘Sharma ji ka beta engineer bn gaya aur tumhe apne mun ki karni hai.’
This article is just a humorous take on people who care about opinions of ‘Chaar log’ in the society and compare their sons and daughter to others.
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