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Mech/ Bodo community are Mongolian tribes who are extremely rich in their culture of song and dance. They celebrate life and thus, sing and dance to express their happiness to nature.
Though with evolution and globalization, they have modernized too but their core value stays the same as earlier. Their connection to nature is through their sound, song and dance. Many Urban dwellers do not even know or understand what a tribal lifestyle is.
The photo feature will show the culture they belong to and how are they dealing with it their circumstances:
Arun Kumar Narjinary and his wife, Sharmila Narjinary live their life happily surrounded by nature. Arun Kumar Narjinary is a retired teacher though.
Children of Mech community enjoys the Raidak river for their bath everyday.
Raja Singh Thakur, the Vice President of Mech community in Chandragaon, a small village in Jalpaiguri district. He plays his flute with all his soul and mesmerizes everyone around.
The weapon to catch fishes.
They prefer not to waste any natural resource and cook with the wasted woods. They collect woods from the forest nearby and cook in the early method until now.
Kherai Flute (Kherai Bashi): Only reserved for their own community which only consists of 5 or 6 holes.
Taushari Shanai: This is the dance form which the early Mech tribes learned from wings of Shalik Pakhi(Indian Mynah).
Nagorai Shanai: The dance form to show how they catch fishes.
Mech/ Bodo community are Mongolian tribes and thus this a dance form to cherish or inspire for their success after/before the war.
Bagurumba Shenai is a dance form of Bodo community to cherish nature and show their love for nature. This is danced in Vasanta (Spring season).
They believe that beats boost their lives and create positive vibe all around.
Each tribe has their own set of values and lifestyle and they are more than happy to choose their life like that. Mechs believe in nature and love being with it, thus, they try to stay as close as possible with that. Much like the urban citizens who see tribals in pity that they do not have access to much technology, similarly, Mech people feel sad for the Urban clads of not getting enough of nature and its strength.
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