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Body language is crucial for interviews and there are multiple interview panels who closely follow your body postures during the period of your interview.
Why is body language crucial?
It is so because your body has a language and it speaks louder than your voice, especially in interviews. Interviewers judge you based on different factors and your body postures can tell them all about your personality and work ethic.
Here are the mistakes you must avoid during interviews:
1. No eye contact
You simply avoid eye contact because of all the wrong reasons. Either you avoid eye contact because you are not confident, you are trying to hide your emotions or extremely self-conscious, none of those can get you the job but drift you away.
So sort out the issue before going to the interview, it will not only get you the job but give you strength for life.
2. Not smiling
When a person sees you smile, it stimulates their brains' mirror neurons and results in a positive exchange of information. If you are not smiling in an interview, the interviewer perceives you to be unfriendly and unhappy.
3. Slouching
Many people have a perception that slouching is a byproduct of low self-esteem and lack of confidence and this can jeopardize your selection process.
4. Crossed arms
When you are crossing your arms speaking to a person, it either shows defensiveness or resistance. Either the interviewer will think that you are being closed as a person or you will come across to not be listening to the other person.
5. Exaggerated nodding
Nodding is a good sign for interviews but if you are forcing or exaggerating nods, the interviewers will closely follow you. This will show you as a person who is not understanding the full thing or listening properly.
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