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Morning is coffee time, but I feel like having tea sometimes and then I feel guilty about ditching coffee and there starts being #ForeverConfused.
Times when you don't know what to choose between tea and coffee is just too much of pressure on your mind! The tug of war is strong between tea and coffee is for real and especially for a person who lives to eat food and drink tea and coffee. Stop fighting guys, I love you both too much, don't make me do this.
The miserable times when you have to choose between these two beverages:
1. Pakode k saath toh bilkul Kerala wala masala chai chahiye!
Sorted...This was easy!
2. Sutta k saath chai piyu yaa coffee?
This is the kind of tug of war I was talking about earlier.#Forever confused
3. Padhai karne k liye chahiye super-strong filter coffee
Sorted!Though sometimes a good cup of Darjeeling tea is perfect to shoo away dizziness.
4. Brother: Aaj ghar mein prawn fry bana hai
Mom, why don't you just make whatever you want to and I will have it. Don't ask such difficult questions. #FirstWorldProblem
5. Weekend brunch with friends
Stop staring, its not my problem that my choice has become a status symbol!
6. When it is weekend and you want to have your evening beverage at peace
You guys! I wanted to have a peaceful weekend, why don't you sort out your differences? Now, how am I supposed to choose?
Graphics credit: Vikas Kakkar
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