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The 90s was the phase when all we knew about technology was using Nokia 1100 and playing snakes. The time has changed and now things have become bit easy as we get all the information on Google. From detecting traffic to finding nearby restaurants, everything is on google.
So let’s see the funny answers people would get if they searched things on Google in the 90s.
The only person who can let you know about any location is a panwala.
The only option to travel to any place at that time was a rickshaw or a bus.
From soap to mustard oil everything was available in that small grocery store.
There were no food joints or cafes at that time so the only option at left was to find a good Bhojanalya.
At that time the only option to connect with your friends and family was to go to a PCO.
The only way to detect traffic at that time was to ask a person who is coming from the other side of the road.
The only way to find distance left for the destination was to ask a truck driver on the highway.
The only people who were capable of teaching something new were parents.
Now the time has changed and everything is just a click away on Google.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar

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