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India is a country which follows the rule of getting up early in order to be productive. This might be the gist of all my struggles in life. We are regularly called as "Owls", though we get irritated but somewhere we like it cause it sets us apart.
"Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise"
That line is filling up tears in my eyes and blood spilling out of my ears already!
So, what are the good things about late night sleepers? What makes us do that?
#1 Lifestyle
First of all, it is just a lifestyle or something which should not be judges between good or bad. Some people are more active in the morning and some are in the night, this is just how a person's hormone works, one can't control it.
#2 Me time
The night person tends to get find a time where there is peace even if you stay in the most packed up area. The time we sleep in, only dogs are awake and we don't mind them at all.
Other than that, we can do anything at that time, we can sing, dance, write, watch movie an basically that is the time in the entire day we feel most alive. Also, our brain works the best creatively at that time because of the peace.
#3 Unending resources
Since we are most active in the wee hours for others, therefore, we get a lot of benefits too. The internet speed is it at best at those hours, we can read books in absolute peace, we love nights.
The unending problems which come with it:
#1 Insomniac Vs late sleepers
When you tell a person that you are a late sleeper, they immediately judge you and say "Are you depressed?" "Are you stressed?
Well, thank you for the concern but no we are not depressed and stress is not the thing I encourage.
These are two different personalities: Late sleeper or the night person is someone who sleeps late at night but does not have a sleep disorder. Insomniac, on the other hand, is a sleep disorder where a person cannot sleep at in anytime of the day or sleeps for a minimal hour.
#2 India is a morning friendly country
As mentioned earlier India believes that the best "Sanskaar" is to get up early. If you are a late riser/sleeper, you are immediately boxed as "Nalayak" (Useless).
Just for a little perspective, do you know A. R. Rahman works at night as well.
#3 Trying to sleep early
Even if you are trying to master this art for years now, this is freaking hard. We take minimum 1 hour to sleep and the thoughts which keep on coming to our mind is bizarre. Suddenly all the stories I want to write, I find clarity at that time. Suddenly, we want to get up and dance, it's not easy to sleep that early!
#4 The office hours
Why are all the office hours in morning? Even the offices who are heavy collaborators of international brands and companies work in morning. Also, if you have night shifts in your office, girls mostly don't have that option too.
It is a mammoth of a task to get up early. As we are not insomniacs and we need 8 hours of sleep, early office timings make us irritated every morning. Usually, people are in complete work mode the very moment they reach in office and we are like the weepers who get their work mode on post-lunch.
#5 Getting up early
Again, if you are a night person and you are a girl, it is the deadliest combination ever. You have to literally be the superwoman who doesn't sleep. So basically, the world will make you late sleeper to insomniac.
#6 Too much of caffeine or tea
The beverage of your choice is the support system we swear by all day long. Considering the amount of effort we put in to wake ourselves in the morning, we simply cannot move from our house without atleast a cup of coffee or tea.
#7 Hunger
We are hungry all the time, in morning we are hungry because we didn't get proper sleep, at night we are hungry because we feel happy and thus, need to pamper ourselves. I know life is difficult!
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