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Getting dressed with the trend is one thing and trying something different or out of the league (weird) is a different thing. At time people confuse while getting ready for occasions or a party and they go too far to try something new. And that is called weird fashion statement (Period).
Today we will show you how people across the world went too far when it comes to styling or setting a fashion trend.
Here is the list of most weird fashion trends across the world that can make you ROFL.
#1 Sneaker pants
With sneakers getting trendy, there are people who are in deep love with sneakers, so they have designed sneaker pants
#2 Double jeans
And then there are people who think that such fashion trends are cool.
#3 Two-faced shoes
This kind of shoes are good for kicking people in a metro or in a crowd.
#4 Muddy jeans
You might get into arguments with your mother if you plan to buy such pair of jeans.
#5 Detachable jeans
How can someone carry such weird and funny fashion trend?
#6 Clear plastic jeans
And if you wear this, people will get to know that you are having candies and then you have to distribute among them.
#7 Multicolored boots
One of the most weird fashion trend of wearing multicolored boots.
#8 Over-sized boyfriend shirt
Your boyfriend might not be happy after watching you in such kind of shirt because it's not cool.
#9 Thong Jeans
And at the end, thong jeans...
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