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The Internet is really a place where we can find answers to quite complicated question which will take years for us to get answers manually.
Google has really given us life, in ways no one has thought! But there are people who try to take too much advantage. Google has much more work to do guys, so here, are some of the answers to these question asked on Google.
#1 Q&AWhy can't you?
Because you can.
#2 Q&AWhy can't I study?
Because you are on phone, searching for the answer to why can't you read.
#3 Q&AWhy can't we see air?
We can only see the visible spectrum of light that is the electromagnetic waves whose wavelength lies between the range of that of violet light (390 nm) & red light (700nm). Any waves lying out of this range are invisible to the naked human eye.
#4 Q&AWhy can't you make calls?
Maybe you are unemployed or your salary is too low to recharge your phone.
#5 Q&AWhy can't I love?
Keep exploring yourself, deep deep deep deep, very deep inside, there might be a heart, probably it has feelings.
#1 Q&AWhy does grandma death check the mailbox?
I don't know as well.
#2 Q&AWhy do grandmas want you to eat?
Because she is concerned about your health...way....too much!
#3 Q&AWhy do grandmas spoil their grandchildren?
Because they are taking revenge on their kids who have irritated the hell out of them while growing up.
#4 Q&AWhy do grandmas have short hair?
As they have understood beauty doesn't lie on the length of their hair, so why take unnecessary burden in their head!
#5 Q&AWhy do grandmasters resign?
Life is not only meant for working in office, they need some time to spend those money too before dying.
#1 Q&AHow do you make your mom say yes?
It is not much of a task to make your mom say yes, just ask her. If you asked the same question about your dad, then I couldn't have had the answer.
#2 Q&AHow do you talk to your mother?
With your mouth probably, if that is a problem for you, you can also record your voice or write letters to her.
#3 Q&AHow do I impress my girlfriends parents?
Difficult considering that you have 'girlfriends', if you were committed to one girl then it is not much of a problem, right?
#4 Q&AHow do I make my parents happy?
I give up on this, never are they happy because the expectations keep rising high because they care for your better future. So, don't do anything and one day if you even pick up your glass, they will be happy.
#5 Q&AHow can I make my mother happy?
Actually, they are the cutest, they don't expect much. Just give them a hug and they will feel the happiest.
#6 Q&AHow do you convince someone?
About what? That you exist? Just, stand infront of them and start smiling the craziest way you can.
#7 Q&AHow do you get someone to tell you something?
You don't even have to try, people keep on blabbering anything these days all the time. I am trying to make them say nothing, give me some suggestion, instead.
#8 Q&AHow do you prove to someone that you love them?
Give them your ATM password.
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