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Any girl in this world will understand the pain period brings with it. The unending list of problems that menstruation jam-packs in those dreadful 5 days is scary. Maybe mother nature thought problems are needed for girls but let them give all of it on 5 days and leave them from for next 25 days. Cramps, headaches, unwanted acne, monster food cravings, get them ALL. This is exactly what is called bad management.
1. The dreadful 5 days start with this happy event!
2. It is sometimes even hard to understand what we are feeling most of the times during menstruation.
3. Switch off the AC, or else you might lose all the blood of your body sneezing the whole day!
4. When the life revolves around blood!
5. When you go to sleep at night!
6. When you get up the next morning
7. The stomach pain!
8. More every part of your body!
9. This self-indulgence is required considering the amount of struggles we go through!
We all are in this together, the bravest of all!
Picture credits: Pinterest
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