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Mother's Day has almost arrived? If you are still biting your nails on what to buy for your mom, here is the perfect list for you. But first stop biting your nails, I am sure your mom hates it!
This list is made keeping some core factors keeping in mind like things that your mom would like, things that your mom needs and most importantly, things that are under your budget. A bit of reality check is needed!
Ok, let's get down to the business, check it out:
1. Bag pack
If your mom wear saree, then I am already imagining her with the cool bag-pack. This would be the coolest and the smartest, my personal favourite. #MommaCool
2. Headphone
Music is the ultimate way to relax and let her do that her way. Your mumma will love it.
3. Sapling/Plant
When you give her a plant, she will not only be happy but feel satisfied that she have grown you well. Also, you can choose from a range of choices in plants and cute pots and pick the one which resembles her personality the most. Don't forget to tell her why you picked that specific plant!
4. Cool blanket
After the tiring day if her blanket taken out by your dad, make her repay. Give her a smart blanket where your dad will not be able to snatch her blanket. Cool!
5. Spa Socks
Let her be in the most comfortable zone, all time.
6. Neck pillow
Moms are superhumans and we rarely see them sleep, it is because they take such quick naps that we miss it. So for all the hardworking mothers, this can help their quick naps be more comfortable and relaxed.
7. Gym wear
Every doctor keeps asking women to hit the gym or do yoga but you are tired of asking your mom to get to the gym. Buying her gym wear might help because she will never like the idea of wasting money unnecessarily.
9. Perfume
Just give her a gorgeous smelling and gorgeous looking perfume and she will be happy. They become happy in the least things we do for them as well!
10. Daily planner diary
Since she has too many things going on, it needs to be organised. More importantly, the planner will help her find more time for herself in middle of the chaos.
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