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Indian mothers are dramatic and most of the times, ‘SARCASTIC’. On the special occasion of mother’s day, we would like to appreciate them for their efforts and things that they have done for us since childhood. They have always been there for us during our ups and down in life. They are the only person who gets to know what’s going in our mind. However, one quality they have is that they can be sarcastic like hell. So today we will show you how sarcastic can a Indian mother be.
Check out sarcastic things Indian mother say in daily life
When you are caught using the phone all the time.
When you ask money for a goa trip with college friends.
When you are late and you get to hear such things.
When you are caught leaving the bottle empty in fridge.
When you are getting ready for a party with friends
When you ask for pocket money.
When you come to home just to eat sleep and repeat.
When you watch television day and night.
When you are sleeping all day.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar

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