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Bira 91 or simply Bira is the first Indian beer brand which has not only managed to get huge popularity amongst the masses but it has become a status symbol. The brand has beautifully merged the essence of youth and crafted beers of different flavors to perfection.
The tagline of the brand swag written all over:
Imagined in India, For the World
Bira 91 was founded by Ankur Jain in 2015. Jain returned to India in 2007 after running a healthcare startup in New York. In the initial stage, he started off by importing a few beers to understand the sector better as he had no prior experience in the liquor business. B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd is the company behind Bira 91.
Fun Fact: The number "91" in Bira 91 stands for India’s country code.
Compared to the other big beer brands of India like Kingfisher, Haywards and Godfather, Bira has separated them finely in their branding. This new brand with a logo of Monkey has marketed themselves in such a way where within four months of its launch, Bira 91 was selling 50,000 cases in Delhi.
Also, look at the tagline for Bira Strong:
The lounge visitors love mostly prefer Bira cans as they look super cool in their hands and also enhances their stature in photos or selfies in the social media.
Since urban India already started to warm up with the idea of craft beer and Bira took that opportunity well enough to market their own product. The branding of the beer company is so on point and in sync with the youth that they Bira is now the coolest thing in the bar.
If you are a crazy fan of Bira, you will notice that the logo of the brand, Monkey is not kept static and in a fixed position. It keeps moving its position and expression as per the flavor. That is surely a clever way to market and connect with the masses with class.
The monkey logoed beverage is currently the highest selling premium beer in many urban city bars. The target of the company was to fill in the gap between "trendy, unorthodox, fun and smart brand of beer" in the market. It is somewhere between the mainstream Indian beer brands and expensive imported ones. This is a huge reason why and how it has been able to fill in the gap.
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