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Celebrities in India are now focusing on starting their own business firms. One of the reasons why people love to buy fashion accessories that are associated with famous celebrities is because of the fan base across the country. Keeping this in mind, there are celebrities who have come up with their own fashion brands.
Everyone loves to stay updated with the new fashion trend and when those fashion trends are introduced by famous celebrities, fans hit the fashion stores. These celebrities are quite smart and they know that fans would love to buy fashion accessories in comparison to any other services which are offered to them.
Today we will to let you know about fashion brands that are owned by famous celebrities
Here is the list of famous brands own by celebrities.
1) Hrithik Roshan (HRX)
2) Salman Khan (Being Human)
3) Anushka Sharma (Nush)
4) Virat Kohli (One8)
5) Yuvraj Singh (YWC Fashion)
6) Shahid Kapoor (Skult)
7) Deepika Padukone (All About You)
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