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Pieces of jewelry are every girl's prized possession and there is no way jewelry is going out of fashion ever. There are fashion trends where there is minimal usage of jewelry and some heavy but girls will always need their necklaces, earring, bangles and their unique piece of ornaments.
1. Priyanka - Asmi Diamond & Nirav Modi Diamond
She was the face of Asmi Diamond long ago but we all remember the controversy which followed after Nirav Modi was charged for the Rs 14,500 crore scam. Priyanka Chopra, here is not at fault and immediately got out of the brand.
2. Aishwarya - Kalyan Jewellers
Aishwarya is a personality who everyone wants to work with because anything she does, success is bound to come. With the gorgeous face and her stunning blue eyes, she made multiple prints and digital ads for Kalyan Jewellers. Even Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan and Aishwarya's husband, Abhishek Bachchan have appeared on this brand's ads.
3. Kareena - Malabar Diamond
Another breathtaking actress who have multiple brands coming to her. Kareena is an influencer who is extremely feminine in her style and therefore, Malabar Diamond has chosen her to be the brand ambassador very dearly.
4. Kangana Ranaut - Nakshatra Diamond
This fierce lady is the current brand ambassador of Nakshatra diamonds. She is full of fierceness, spark and beauty and that is what the brand portrays as well.
5. Anushka Sharma - Gitanjali Jewellers
Anushka Sharma made an appearance for the Gitanjali Jewellers right after her first film, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. She appeared on the ad along with King Khan himself.
6. Deepika Padukone - Tanishq
With her larger than life movies hitting the theaters one by one, it is only fair to say that she fits the part perfectly.
6. Katrina Kaif - For Nakshatra Diamond
Katrina Kaif is the foreign beauty of our country but being hugely successful in the Bollywood industry, she needs to use her popularity somewhere. As an influencer, she made a lovely model for Nakshatra diamond years ago.
7. Sonakshi Sinha - D’damas Jewellery
D'damas is also a part of the Gitanjali Jewellery family and when the name of Sonakshi Sinha was declared to be the face of the brand, she was overjoyed.
8. Sonam Kapoor- Kalyan Jeweller
She recently replaced Aishwarya from the brand because of the huge social media following she has.
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