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Some think that mannequins are scary but if you get pass that fear you will understand that, Oh! they are really funny. Since internet is a crazy place where you can never be bored. Look at the miserable, funny and the crazy life mannequins live from posing weirdly to getting stripped without their permission.
from this crazy space called as internet, we have gathered some of the funniest and weirdest pictures of mannequins. This is not something you look at an everyday basis or maybe you have missed these moments. These mannequins will show off, bring out reality, take down the fashion industry, embarrass the hell out of the brand or store but surely tickle your funny bones.
1. Is he supposed to laugh or scare people?
2. Maybe he found the wrong dance teacher, doesn't it look like so?
3. OK! LGBT protest is going on maybe on a shopping mall
4. Bored of standing straight, they need some relaxation too!
5. And I though Dinosaurs have become extinct, didn't know they reside in our head now
6. This reality check of men was need in the fashion industry
7. I think creativity was sleeping that day and instead used bread
8. I don't think this is the right way to sell lingerie!
9. I feel you bro, don't worry you will achieve your goals too!
10. This is just creepiness on another level!
11. When you are tired of your mom-dad but still want to feel mom-dad's warmth
12. Another reality check, right?
13. When you are too hungry and mom is not around!
14. When even the mannequins show you middle finger!
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