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Love is all about being with your partner and understanding them. It is all about supporting your partner during their thick and thin. People usually think that to show the love they have to do surprising things to impress their better half. But in real life, it’s quite different. The only thing your partner expects from you is understanding and leading the love life in a decent way.
Philippa Rice is an artist who has portrayed the love life of a couple and how love exists in every corner of life.
Let’s check out the illustration to get a fair idea of how love exist in small things.
1) Helping your better half in the morning to prepare breakfast.
2) Comfort lies in hugging each other while sleeping.
3) You feel comfortable with your partner and aren’t afraid of showing your true side.
4) Such cute things make you happy and you feel connected to your partner.
5) Helping each other in household work is good for bonding in a relationship
6) The best part of the day is when you talk about your whole day with your partner.
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