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Painting, art, sketch, photography are all forms of creativity which show daily struggles in a way which connects directly to the heart. Vimal Chandran's sketches speak volumes about the current society while we fall short of words.
Vimal Chandran is a skilled photographer, painter, sketch artist, illustrator. He mostly focuses on urban art and shows different walks of life. This self-taught artist has a vision which makes him stand apart. The masterful way of showing daily lives, social issues and struggles of life can be seen in his work. The artist hails from the Gods Own Country, Kerala and currently resides in Bangalore, India.
Children's death in Syria
Making of a Nation without a Standard deviation!
Children of Kashmir
A sarcastic take on the current meaning of Patriotism
A horse running alone
The Revolution will be Snap chatted
The Social Pressure
Please stand up for the National Anthem
Choose Magic...always!
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