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We usually get to see inspirational quotes online that at times inspire us, however at times they sound bit quirky. Though they talk about the hard truth of life and inspiring quotes people generally don’t agree with all the quotes. So today we have decided to take a hilarious take on some of the inspiring things which people usually say in their daily lives.
Let’s check out the hilarious take on inspirational quotes.
People generally say that the best thing to do after waking up is to do exercise, go for a morning walk or do yoga but in real life, the best thing to do after you wake is to sleep again.
People generally say in real life that money is not everything, however, one thing is a fact that for everything we need money.
Younger generation usually come up with things like being single is the best thing, but they know the hard truth that these things look good only in quotes
Most of the smokers come up with this inspiring thing that they will quit smoking, however, they end up smoking again.
Nowadays people get inspired to go to a gym, however, they end up taking pictures and posting pictures on social media instead of focusing on their gym sessions.
Author - Amit Singh
Design Credits - Vikas Kakkar
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