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Summer season is here and all we can do is add some greenery around us in our backyard or window sills. And to do this all you need is an old toy and a creative mind.
You might be thinking, how an old toy is coming into the picture? But friends all you can do is have a creative mind and use that in making doll planters. Though it might require bit of time, but using an old toy as a doll planter will add a new look to your house. Instead of using that old plastic and ceramic pots, you can use this idea.
Now you might be thinking, is it possible to create such pots? To make things more clear and give you more ideas about such doll planters, we are sharing some of the best ideas of doll planters which are both creative and scary. We have taken out some of the best designs of doll planters from Instagram accounts.
Let’s check out some of the scariest doll planters.
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