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If you think guys don't talk much, you are going to the wrong places for reference. You should travel more often in Delhi metros and you will suddenly feel like the whole world is a chatterbox irrespective of man or woman. The general compartment of DMRC is filled with buzz and if you concentrate on every single talk, you will start to get a hint of human psychology.
1. Guy on phone:
Dude, didn't you find this masterplan before calling your friend? What was the use of repeating 'Hello' for the umpteenth time?
2. A guy showing off their 'English' speaking and girlfriend managing skills both at the same time:
He could have said bye way long back ago as his phone got cut but he continued to talk to himself. Now, what I wonder is, whether he is trying to show off English or is he getting bored in metro?
3. The series lovers
Ok, its ok to talk about series but there are many who can spill spoilers in metro. So, you better plug in your earphones right away when you hear about these discussions.
4. The lovebirds' quarrel
Too mushy, stay away from me! Still, don't understand how people permit someone else to invade one's lifestyle and ask such questions and be OK with it!
5. The business talks
He then goes on explaining the whole strategy of how to spend the money and the strategies. Does this guy not realise that it is a public and extremely crowded space to talk such numbers? Is he trying to show off like this?
6. 3 teenagers playing online game the entire journey
Its ok you are enjoying your teens but there are many who are cursing them in their head for having so much of fun!
7. Two girls chatting
And the never ending chatter starts here.
8. The nerds
This could have been my metro story but I don't talk to people!
Since you have nothing to do on a crowded metro, you can plug off your headphone and start listening to the endless chatters. You can be the pair of observing ears and see what kinds of people are there in the world. You can literally specialize in human behavior by observing people in metro because you can find all kinds.
It is surely annoying when you have to deal with this level of human wonders everyday but if you see it from a fun perspective, you will actually start to enjoy it. It's like having the most fun when all of your friends are drunk upto their neck!
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