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The age-old problem of moral policing has come across in the sight once again where a mob has trashed a couple of 'being too close'. A young couple was harassed and beaten up in Kolkata Metro for "standing too close". The incident happened in 30th April, 18, late at night.
This couple was harassed on the Kolkata metro, pushed off the train and then thrashed by a mob, allegedly because they were "standing too close". There is an image being recorded on a mobile phone where the mob is seen thrashing the couple where the girl is trying to shield the guy from getting beaten up. In the picture, a group of men is seen with very violent gestures to beat the young couple. The news reports claim that the guy was kicked and punched.
After the incident came into the light, many of the youngsters got furious who are already struggling with the issue of moral policing on a daily basis. The youngsters have come out to protest for the incident.
From the time of Tasleema Nasreen, it did not change. The division between the youngsters and the older citizens are quite evident but actually, it is not about the age and more about the mentality.
As per sources, Metro rail authority has not found any signs of the assault on their CCTVs. The authorities have published an official note stating no complaint has been filed with the Metro authorities so far. Also, the Railway police say that they did not come across any such incident on the platform.
Right to freedom and right to speech are mere words for fellow citizens of India currently. Social being is behaving as if someone is trying to invade their personal while the absolute opposite is happening. The moral policing in the country is way too high!
Moral Policing is not cool, not moral and definitely against our constitutional rights! Just stop it.
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