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There have been instances when you are getting ready for a party or to go to a public gathering, you get to hear sarcastic comments from your friends. Generally, boys are not quite often interested in working on their looks and wearing dresses according to events.
All we do is take a T-shirt and jeans out from the cupboard and least bothered about how we look. However, at times we get ready when we have to go to someplace with friends like in a party or pub. And that is the time when friends around us come with sarcastic comments on the dressing style.
Let’s check out things that guys get to hear when they get ready for a occasions.
#1 Shadi Hai Kya Teri?
When you are going to attend a marriage ceremony or engagement.
#2 Bandi se milne ja raha hai pakka
When you are going to a birthday party with a gift and your friend.
#3 Kitne din baad nahaya hai bhai
When you look all freshen up and your friends be like...
#4 Arey ye insaan ka roop kaise aa gaya janwar mei?
When you have a haircut and trimmed beard
#5 Bhai pakka party mei ja raha hai
When you are all set to go for an interview.
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