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In order to get thin or toned, usually people start dieting or gymming. The problem is that people have a big misconception about dieting. Also, you should know, extreme dieting can make you fat.
If you are wondering, after 'dieting' for months as per your understanding of dieting, why are you not getting in shape? If you are starving in the name of dieting, this will not tone up or lose weight but instead, it will severely damage your health.
Here is what you should keep in mind while dieting:
1. Say no to starvation mode
Human body runs with the minerals and calories we gain from food that we eat. If you do not eat anything, from where will the energy come from?
Starvation can slow down the metabolism. This will get sick in no time and lethargy will take over.
2. Instead of cutting calories, choose calories
Calories are directly connected to measure energy. There is no standard count for calories. Suppose, you burn 2000 calories a day, then you must eat 2300 calories a day. What should be your goal is to save atleast 300 calories.
What you should keep in check to not gain fat is that, no extra fat is stored in your fat. if you consistently eat more than what you burn causes weight gain.
3. Choose food with the right nutrients
Food contains of a variety of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. So, choose the nutrients that you need and try to avoid fatty food and food with carbohydrates. This will help.
4. Avoid overeating or eating when bored
Starving is not a solution, similarly, overeating is not healthy too. Vulnerable eating is not only bad for your physicality but psychologically too.
If your body is really craving food like for hunger or biological drives, eating shouldn't be avoided. In case of sheer boredom or lack of control, overeating is not recommended.
Under-eating is not something which any doctor or dietician will entertain. So, enjoy your meal and do not starve!
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