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Exam time is coming and every student is freaking out. Some are studying too hard and some didn't yet realise that exam is right behind the door but what happens when the realisation hits too late? What happens when you realise studying was necessary for your exam hall.
The most dangerous thing is this realization of studying. Talk about wrong timing!
1. When you see the exam paper for the first time
At first, you are like "Ok! Ok! Not a big deal, You can do this". Now you see the question paper and you immediately think "There is no hope!"
2. When you are passing answer sheet to your friend
The eyes also communicate which loosely translates to 'You better be grateful to me you idiot and if I get caught, you are going to the doom with me'.
3. When your hair keeps coming infront of your eyes
Suddenly these questions raise in your head:What an idiot am I?Why did I have to look like a princess in an exam? My crush is certainly not going to fall in love in the exam hall.Suddenly you feel like how lucky bald people are!
4. When your mind says 'Bye'
All this while you were helping me deal with my crush and you leave me like that! Is this a time to betray?
5. When you pretend to know it all
People should not know my mental distress, this is going to harm my persona.
6. When there's only 15 mins left
This is even more relevant when you find out there are more questions on the flip side of the question paper. You sure understand now better!
7. When your BFF ignores you
If this is where our friendship ends, were you my friend all this while?
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