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It seems like the Barter system on sexual favour is not going to go away anytime soon.
The actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha says "Neither Saroj Khan nor Renuka Chowdhary is wrong. Sexual favours are demanded and given in both the entertainment world and in politics. It's an old and time-tested way of getting ahead in life. 'You please, me I'll please you'".
The fact that money, goods and services are chosen by the society to maintain the medium of exchange is highly corrupted by opportunists. Healthy mental state is anyway not much important an issue to the society till the time one breaks down completely.
The statements by the actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha reflects the same. Sure, it is a truth but justifying it by saying it is a personal choice is where things go rile.
The actor says "What happens on the couch is a matter of personal choice. No one is forcing any girl or boy to lie down on the couch. You have something to give and you are offering it to someone who is interested. Where is the compulsion?"
Next, Mr. Sinha supports the statement and states "This has been happening since time immemorial. What is there to get so upset about".
He has admitted that casting couch does exist and said "I completely agree with both Saroj and Renuka. I know the kind of compromises girls have to make to get into films. Perhaps Sarojji has herself gone through her own pain and humiliation."
Though the politician added "I am not saying it is right. I would never be part of such a compromise. But we cannot shut our eyes to the reality around us. Don't condemn Sarojji for speaking the truth, condemn those who create a situation where girls and boys feel they have to compromise to get ahead in life".
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